Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Mountain Goats


Since New Blood I've been very busy freelancing at Foxtrot Hotel, working with Vaughan Oliver and Brian Whitehead on CD artwork for The Mountain Goats, beginning some freelance illustrative work with new mug company, Graywood Green and doing a placement at BCMH.

I've taken a trip to Stoke to see about finding some fine bone china to print my Bone China designs on to.

I can't wait to get some new work up on here...I went to Greece for a week and took some lovely photos (well I hope) of derelict hotels, picturesque beaches and strange signs, but since leaving university I don't have access to a medium format negative scanner so who knows when they'll be up...for now feast your eyes on the new Mountain Goats CD cover, art directed by Vaughan Oliver, artwork by Brian Whitehead and paper type graphics title thing by me (and then re-arranged by Brian!)