Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pixies - Minotaur Unboxing on Rolling Stone

The beautiful box set I had the privilege of working on with Vaughan Oliver is finished. Visit Rolling Stone to see the video of the unveiling. To see previous related posts click here, here and here.....and to order yours visit Artist in Residence.

"I don't remember any item coming into the Pitchfork HQ and turning this many heads-- people's jaws dropped into their coffee all morning. If we were reviewing this and we were telling the average person what we think of the thing, you could argue that the score should be a 0.0. To say that Minotaur, a mega-deluxe repacking of the Pixies catalogue sold in two different configurations, is for fans only is some sort of Hall of Fame-level understatement. It sets a new record for box set grandiosity." - Scott Plagenhoef.

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